Our Beginnings

We started in 1988 as Chris Cross, a craft shop in Evans Avenue in North Mackay. In 1993, owners Ray and Chris merged Chris Cross with The Remnant Shop in Caneland Shopping Town. This was the foundation of Needleworx, which eventually found its long term home at Oasis Plaza in Mount Pleasant.

Through every renaissance, Chris and Ray stayed true to the goal of providing exceptional customer service. From the layout of their store to the product lines they stocked, Chris and Ray ensured they always listened to their customers.

Needleworx has a legacy as a ‘true craft shop’. This is why crafty nomads make a point of stopping in whenever they are in the region and why sewers from the mining communities ensure they stop by whenever they are in town for supplies. And for the locals, a trip to Needleworx is like a social outing, which we like.

Entrance to Needleworx Mount Pleasant
Needleworx store with rows of fabric and sewing material

Moving Forward

In 2021, Needleworx underwent another transition, with new owners Richard and Ann Giumelli taking the helm. Ray and Chris wanted to ensure that whoever took over Needleworx would continue their customer-focused vision. This is why Richard and Ann are such a great fit. The husband and wife team grew up on the land – where you treat people how you would like to be treated. This mentality is the perfect fit for the Needleworx community.

Ann has dabbled in sewing and crafts all of her life. In her younger years, she sewed her clothes and was interested in crochet and knitting. But for the last 10 years, patchwork and quilting have been her passions. In their early years of marriage, Richard and Ann travelled wherever the work was, which allowed Ann to form sewing group connections across various communities, from Chinchilla to Clermont and Mackay.

Semi-retired Richard only developed a fascination with quilting in the last 18 months, when he purchased the longarm quilting machine. Ever since, he has spent his night working away at new patterns and designs.

Together, Ann and Richard have a vision to expand Needleworx into a one-stop-shop for all things craft and sewing while maintaining a close community connection.

Richard and Ann Giumelli looking back at Needleworx